highlights from the superficial siderosis research alliance annual board meeting

Highlights from the Superficial Siderosis Research Alliance Annual Board Meeting


It was very productive during the recent Superficial Siderosis Research Alliance (SSRA) annual board of directors meeting. We’re thrilled to share the outcomes and key decisions. These choices reflect our continued commitment to advancing medical research on Superficial Siderosis and bringing hope to those affected by this condition.

Announcing Officers

A key part of our meeting was the election of our officers. The board unanimously voted for an experienced and passionate team to steer the organization into its next chapter. Their unique skills and dedication will significantly continue to contribute to our mission.

Kyle Dempsey, a veteran member of our team, was re-elected to the position of President for a five-year term. His invaluable contributions and deep understanding of the organization’s mission make him an ideal leader. We’re eager to see where his leadership will take us.

Rori Daniel, another integral member of our alliance, was re-elected Vice President for five years. Rori’s exceptional strategic planning skills and commitment to research will be instrumental in driving our organization forward.

Lloyd Geisler will continue at the reins as Treasurer for a three-year term. Lloyd’s financial acumen and meticulousness make him perfect for this role.

Sue Dempsey was re-elected as Secretary for a three-year term. Her excellent organizational skills and diligence will undeniably enhance the effectiveness of our board.

Deb Zindler was appointed as a voting member for a three-year term. We’re looking forward to benefiting from her insights and extensive experience.

Decisions Made

In addition to electing officers, we made important decisions regarding our operational strategies.

Firstly, we are pleased to announce that our annual report was approved unanimously. This comprehensive document provides an overview of our work over the past year and our future plans, serving as a testament to our dedication and commitment.

Next, the board motioned to approve Charter Capital, represented by Sam Verhulst, as the CPA firm for the SSRA. This decision passed unanimously, will provide our alliance with superior financial expertise and guidance.

Finally, Fidelity Investments was approved unanimously to handle a money market account for the SSRA. This move will aid in managing our financial resources effectively, ensuring that we can continue our mission with utmost financial responsibility.

You may view or download our 2022 Annual Report, 2022 Tax Return, and financial reports from the highlighted links.

2022 ssra annual report
2022 Annual Report

Other News

We are thrilled to share exciting news with our Superficial Siderosis Research Alliance (SSRA) community. We always strive to bring more awareness to Superficial Siderosis, and our latest collaboration will significantly boost these efforts.

Board member Deb Zindler, a principal at z2 Marketing, has generously offered to assist with SSRA’s social media campaigns. Based in Wisconsin, z2 Marketing is a dynamic and innovative full-service marketing agency that’s been making waves in the industry for years. They bring a wealth of expertise and creative flair to every project, helping brands communicate effectively and engage with their target audiences.

To boost our outreach, Deb Zindler, with her team at z2 Marketing, will use their marketing prowess to help elevate the SSRA’s social media presence. Their understanding of brand strategy and ability to create compelling content will undeniably enhance our visibility and connect with our audience meaningfully.

We are particularly excited to announce that Grace Sueflohn, an intern at z2 Marketing, will work closely with the team to offer fresh content ideas for our September Superficial Siderosis month social media campaign. Grace’s creative energy, combined with z2 Marketing’s proven strategies, will help us to reach new audiences and deepen our public engagement. 

In partnering with z2 Marketing, we are excited about the opportunity to enhance our online presence, raise greater awareness for Superficial Siderosis, and share impactful stories. Our heartfelt thanks go to Deb Zindler for facilitating this collaboration, and we look forward to sharing more updates on our social media platforms soon.

Stay tuned, and together, let’s raise our voices for Superficial Siderosis awareness this coming September!

Looking Forward

We are optimistic, determined, and confident that our leadership and decisions will propel us further in our mission to advance Superficial Siderosis research. Please take some time to read our annual report.

We are grateful to all the board members for their dedication and commitment. We also thank the broader Superficial Siderosis community for their continued support and belief in our mission. Stay tuned for updates on our initiatives, and together, let’s make strides in Superficial Siderosis research!

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