embrace awareness: wristbands now available

Embrace Awareness: Wristbands Now Available


Awareness Wristbands are Here!

Wearing a silicone wristband is more than just a fashion statement – it’s a conversation starter. Each time you don this wristband, you carry the story of superficial siderosis and its impact. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to raise awareness. When the wristband piques someone’s curiosity, it opens the door for you to share your personal experience or the journey of someone you know or love affected by this condition. It’s an opportunity to educate others about superficial siderosis, fostering understanding and empathy. In this way, a simple wristband becomes a tool for advocacy, spreading awareness one conversation at a time.

Order Yours Today

superficial siderosis awareness wristband
Superficial Siderosis Awareness Wristband

You can now order a set of 12 awareness wristbands for a nominal fee of $5.00 (to help with packaging and mailing costs). These embossed silicone wristbands are a stylish and meaningful way to show your support. We’re ready to assist if you’re planning a fundraising or awareness event for the SSRA and need a larger quantity. For more information, please email us at info@ssra.livingwithss.com.

Each wristband is made from durable silicone and features an embossed design. They are comfortable, waterproof, and perfect for everyday wear. Show your support and raise awareness in a simple yet powerful way.