it’s time to shine: 5 easy ways to volunteer with the superficial siderosis research alliance

It’s Time to Shine: 5 Easy Ways to Volunteer with the Superficial Siderosis Research Alliance

it's time to shine

The Power of Volunteering: It’s Time to Shine

Volunteering is a powerful way to make a difference. It’s a chance to use your skills, passion, and time to help others. For the Superficial Siderosis Research Alliance (SSRA), volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. They help us raise awareness, fundraise, and advocate for those affected by Superficial Siderosis. This is your time to shine, step forward, and make a real impact.


Volunteer Spotlight

Jeffery Newholm

In the first of our series on Superficial Siderosis research advocates, Tanya provides vital information on her efforts in the fight for a cure. She explains her motivation and how to help with a fundraising trail race. There’s no self-interested motive beyond her desire to help those battling SS. Her words, then, prove sure, and any assistance one can give for the fighters at SSRA, however modest, gets us one stride closer to the disorder’s welcomed finish line.

Tanya Beers: Taking the Baton to Outrace Superficial Siderosis

Tell us why you organized the Trail Ginder Run to raise money for SSRA.

Holding a trail run is a great way to motivate the community and runners from all around to join us for a fun and challenging run and raise awareness and money for this cause.

Why is this cause important to you?

My uncle, Gary Daniel, was diagnosed with SS back in 2014. I have always known my uncle to be the type of person who was a hard-working hands-on type of guy. He was there to finish the job when someone needed fixing or repairing something. This cause is very important because seeing my loved one in this situation is hard. A situation where he feels so helpless. 

nd annual superficial siderosis trail grinder benefit run
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tanya beers grinder run

Why should readers organize events, and would you be willing to help them start?

Not only are organized events a way to engage with individuals and bring a sense of unity and motivation for a common cause, but it also helps to raise awareness and money.   Yes, I would absolutely be willing to help anyone out. 

If one wants to get involved to help with your event, how can they?

We have several ways one can get involved. The first option is to purchase one of our Sponsorship packages that start from $50 up to $1000 and include several types of business recognition up to and during the race. Another way to get involved is to donate an item to our silent auction, which starts September 5th through September 29th. If anyone would like to donate items for the auction (please include a note with their retail value), you can fill out an online form with a photo (great for gift certificate donations!), or the item can be mailed to:

Caffe’ Crema 111 East Main Street Atlanta, TX 75551

Lastly, one can contribute directly by mailing a check or using our secured Trail Grinder donation link. All direct donations are tax deductible. All of the proceeds will be donated to research, and you’ll receive a receipt for your records via email.

Social Media: A Platform for Change

In today’s digital age, social media is a powerful tool for raising awareness and driving change. With 45% of the world’s population using social media, it’s a platform that can’t be ignored. By volunteering to help with our social media efforts, you can help us reach a wider audience and amplify our message. Whether you’re a TikTok phenom or a Facebook fan, your skills can make a difference.

Public Speaking: Sharing Your Story

One of the most potent ways to raise awareness is by sharing your Superficial Siderosis story. By speaking at local business organizations, clubs, or medical schools, you can help people connect a face with a patient’s journey. If public speaking isn’t your thing, we can help you submit your story to newspapers, magazines, or podcasts. Your story matters, and it can inspire others to take action.

Becoming a Regional Director: Leading the Way

As a Regional Director, you’ll have the opportunity to impact the Superficial Siderosis community significantly. This volunteer role involves helping plan education and awareness campaigns, representing the Alliance at local events, and advocating for policy change at the federal and state level. It’s a chance to lead, inspire, and make a difference.

Ignite Your Local Community: Fundraising and Advocacy

Fundraising is a crucial part of our work at the SSRA. Hosting a local fundraising event can inspire those around you to get involved and do some good. There are countless ways to raise funds, from designing a T-shirt campaign to creating a Facebook fundraiser. You can also approach local businesses to donate a portion of their sales for the day. Every dollar counts, and every dollar is essential.

Corporate and Business Sponsorship: Partnering for a Cause

If you represent an organization or foundation, consider SSRA as your beneficiary for your annual event. We are happy to work with your event coordinator on messaging or planning. It’s a chance to partner for a cause and significantly impact the Superficial Siderosis community.

Volunteering with the SSRA is more than just giving your time. It’s about using your skills, passion, and voice to make a difference. It’s about standing up for those affected by Superficial Siderosis and saying, “I’m here to help.” This is your time to shine. Join us today and become part of our volunteer community.