Giving Now Can Change Lives Forever

Your contribution today can make a lifetime
difference for someone
struggling with superficial siderosis.

Charitable Giving To Make A Difference

charitable giving to plant the seed of hope giving

Individuals and Family Giving

Become a Monthly Giver: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Join our community of monthly givers who are committed to ongoing support. Your consistent contributions enable us to plan for the future. Start your monthly giving today!

Business Sponsorship

Businesses can support our cause by sponsoring our programs, events, or research initiatives. Your organization will be on the front lines of rare disorder research support by donating to the Superficial Siderosis Research Alliance. Unfortunately, significant superficial siderosis research funding has been virtually nonexistent, but corporate and business contributions will make a tremendous difference to superficial siderosis research. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the impact your gift will make.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporations can contribute through financial support, becoming research partners, and sponsoring events and patient support programs.

We are reaching out with SSRA call-to-action advocacy campaigns to educate, inform, and spread our message. When you align with our campaigns, you spotlight your company’s community commitment, reinforce a positive message of support, and make an impact meaningful to your customers and employees while benefiting from brand alignment with the SSRA.

If you are interested in supporting a third-party fundraising event, don’t hesitate to contact our event coordinator, Sue Dempsey, for information on upcoming events in your area.

giving now can change lives forever

Leave a Legacy: Make a Lasting Impact

Consider leaving a legacy gift in your will. Your donation can help ensure the continuity of our programs and make a lasting impact.

Join us in our mission to make a difference in the lives of those affected by superficial siderosis. Your support can help us continue our work and bring hope to many. Thank you for your generosity.

88 percent of people want to hear how companies are supporting causes.

-Cone Communications 2013