Superficial Siderosis and the Ferroptosis Frontier

Does Ferroptosis Hold the Answer? In the shadows of neurological disorders lies superficial siderosis, a condition that silently wreaks havoc on the brain and spinal cord. The culprit? Iron. Its accumulation triggers reactions that mercilessly damage cells, leading to a cascade of symptoms that strip away hearing, disrupt thought, and unsteady every step. But within this challenge lies an opportunity—an […]

Power of Community: Celebrating Superficial Siderosis Awareness Month with Dr. Michael Levy

September is Superficial Siderosis Awareness Month In keeping with this year’s Superficial Siderosis Awareness Month theme, “Power of Community: Our connection is our strength,” join us as we dive deep into the world of superficial siderosis through an enlightening conversation with Michael Levy, MD, Ph.D. As many in our community know, while Dr. Levy is the Chief Medical and Research […]

Superficial Siderosis Research Alliance Completes $100,000 Research Pledge to Massachusetts General Hospital

Our Research Pledge The Superficial Siderosis Research Alliance (SSRA) proudly announces that we have fulfilled our $100,000 research pledge to the Superficial Siderosis Clinic and Research Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital, led by Dr. Michael Levy. This is a significant milestone for us, and we are thrilled to have been able to support such an important cause. Dr. Michael Levy […]

Quiet Before the Storm

Summer Update 2022 Unbelievably we’re about to begin the second half of 2022 already. If you had a chance to look through our 2021 Annual Report, you might be familiar with the SSRA plans for this year. So it seems the perfect time to let everyone know about our progress with a summer update on what’s happening behind the scenes. […]

David Werring, FRCP, Ph.D., FESO Joins the SSRA Medical Advisory Board

The Superficial Siderosis Research Alliance is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor David Werring, FRCP Ph.D. FESO to the SSRA Medical and Scientific Advisory Board. Professor Werring brings a rich experience into research and clinical care of superficial siderosis patients. Professor Werring has published over 300 papers and contributed to several books. He is an editor of the forthcoming […]


Earlier this year, the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network reached out to the SSRA with a request to participate in a project meant to develop a well thought out plan rare disease organizations could implement to resolve the roadblocks patient organizations face in trying to gain approval for repurposing of drugs currently on the market for therapeutic use in unrelated conditions. […]

SSRA Announces EURORDIS Membership

The Superficial Siderosis Research Alliance is pleased to announce its membership application to EURORDIS, a federation of patient organizations and people active in rare diseases was recently accepted by the EURODIS Board of Directors. By becoming a member of EURORDIS, The SSRA reaffirms its commitment to provide research support to all superficial siderosis patients, no matter where they may currently reside. Due […]

Our Coder Search Begins

Measuring The Iron When a Two-year observational study on the efficacy of deferiprone1 was released, one finding stood out. Physicians had submitted the participants’ MRIs during several stages of the research; differences in MRI equipment, sequencing settings, and magnification produced data that was difficult, if not sometimes impossible, to compare. MRI sequencing is required to track existing hemosiderin levels characterized […]